BioVec Pharma has established a strong platform that enables the efficient production of high-titer retroviral vectors in suspension culture and serum-free media
There is an increasing demand for the development of safe and efficient retroviral vectors production systems. BioVec Pharma's RetroVector technology is based on the HEK293 cell line (293Vec-AmphoTM, 293Vec-GalvTM293Vec-BaevTM and 293Vec-RD114TM) that can produce high yields of retroviral vectors in suspension and serum-free media. It is one of the most efficient retroviral production systems currently available, which has many applications in medicine, product development and discovery research.
Gene therapy is a developing technology that promises to revolutionize medical practice; it involves the transfer of genetic material into patient’s cells in order to provide a therapeutic benefit to that patient. The retroviral vector is the system of choice for many gene-based treatments addressing inherited and acquired diseases. However, packaging cell lines currently used for the production of recombinant retroviruses lack some safety features, and scale-up cannot be easily achieved for clinical trials with a large number of patients. BioVec Pharma packaging cell lines have been adapted to suspension culture and to serum-free media. The suspension culture is compatible with the production of large amounts of retroviral vectors in bioreactors, opening the possibility for large-scale use of retroviral vectors in late stage clinical trials. Serum-free media have several market advantages: a better definition of the media composition, reduced risks of contamination by adventitious and infectious agents, and lower cost. It is a clear advantage for the production of clinical vector batches in GMP conditions.
• Large-scale transient or stable production of retroviral vectors in suspension and under serum-free conditions.
• Screening and optimization of serum-free media.

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